Natural&Pure food ingredients of Maeil Foods has developed and produced safe and various kinds of savory
ingredients through 65 years.

They play a vital role of all kinds of instant noodle soup and processed food. You can easily find what you want
in your food business such as special HVP, EVP and SSP from soy bean, corn and wheat protein even rice

Recently, MSG and Salt has been hot issue in food industry and we have developed for solution for your food

Our Natural&Pure ingredients give fine and clean solution for you and help to make it successful in food

Savory ingredients Category

1. MSG Replacer
- Ajimi: Natural MSG 50%
2. Salt Reduction
- Salt down: 30~60% Salt reduction function
3. Kokumi
- Nongumi: Amino type Kokumi
4. Soy Sauce Powder
- Natural Brewed soy sauce cooking powder.
5. HVP Powder
- Soy, Corn, wheat and Rice protein HVP
6. EVP powder
- Hi Glutamine enzyme Vegetable protein powder
7. Customized seasoning
- Special Seasoning by customer order.