Maeil Rice Soy Sauce is representative natural fermented seasoning in our
company. Traditionally, soy bean and wheat has been for soy sauce and rice has
used for seasoning paste. However, Maeil Foods finally developed rice soy
sauce for rice good components. It gives several times GABA(Gama-Amino
Butyric Acid) and Niacin than soy and wheat brewed soy sauce. Those
components help to reduce stress and relieve headache. Even it gives
more texture and smooth taste than normal soy sauce. Also all ingredients
are from natural materials.

Natural Brewed Soy Sauce

Maeil brewed soy sauce are made by Non-GMO materials selected
very carefully an so we are sure to call it as a premium brewed soy
sauce only which have a rich and clean flavor.

Maeil Jin Gold Soy Sauce

Maeil Jin soy sauce is characteristics to abundant incense and savory
taste of brewed soy sauce. Our soy sauce which is being used to
Korean meal cooking at home and also receives great reviews from
customers in restaurant.

Maeil Jin Soy Sauce

The soy sauce of Maeil Foods has been being produced to a several
kinds of soy sauces fitting to the customer’s needs of various nations.
Specially targeting to Asian nations, we are producing soy sauces
strictly as fitted to various national customer appetite and quality base;
till even Vietnam, Russia, and Japanese styles of soy sauces including
Korean style.